Sunday, October 30, 2011


Last night as we were out on deck 8 observing what we thought was a normal sunset, we noticed that the sky was doing unusual things.  I thought I’d share the various viewpoints that I captured over the course of 24 minutes. 

2011-10-29 005
Out the port side, we could see rain over near Lungi airport – and this massive head cloud – it was impressive.
2011-10-29 006
Pretty soon the sky was swirling above us and it seemed we were in the eye of a storm.
2011-10-29 008
Watching these form was a reminder of how small we are.
2011-10-29 009
2011-10-29 010
We are docked right where the river meets the sea and you can see all the currents changing and merging.
2011-10-29 011

2011-10-29 012
At this point I was wondering if it’s possible for there to be tornadoes in Sierra Leone.
2011-10-29 013
2011-10-29 014
2011-10-29 015
Meanwhile, on the starboard side of the ship, the skies were gorgeous blue.
2011-10-29 016
The sun was setting peacefully, with the storm trying to chase it.
2011-10-29 017

2011-10-29 019
2011-10-29 020
2011-10-29 021
2011-10-29 022

2011-10-29 024
2011-10-29 025
2011-10-29 026
Dust storm attacked on our dock, but notice all the blue sky!
2011-10-29 027
On the other side of the ship, you can barely see anything beyond this little tug.
2011-10-29 028
2011-10-29 031
2011-10-29 032
2011-10-29 033
Sometimes there are not words to describe what you witness.  This can be smiles or expressions, acts of kindness, acts of violence.  But as I watched this beauty in the sky, I couldn’t help but stand in awe of the Creator of the Universe and be reminded that I am held safe in the palm of His hand.

Today I choose to follow You
Today I choose to give my “yes” to You Today I choose to hear your voice and live
Today I choose to follow You

As for me and my house we will serve You
As for me and my house we will spend our lives on You today
Wonderful counselor, everlasting father
Eternal King, Lord of Hosts, willingly we follow
I’ve had this song (by Brian Doerksen) stuck in my head for the past several days and it’s a firm reminder for me to participate in this great life we are given.  I can CHOOSE to follow – choose to give my “yes,” choose to hear, choose to spend my life on Him, and do so willingly.  He is a mighty, awesome God.  I’m so grateful for this choice.

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