Saturday, October 15, 2011

Savannah Montana–Celebrate Like a Rockstar!

This week our baby turned eight (sniff, sniff!).  Can’t believe that she is so big.
09.2011 Sierra Leone 2011-09-17 047
Our little girl who loves playing babies.

Our little girl who can’t wait for ballet each week (back left).

Our little girl who is goofier than goofy- with a pretty goofy looking mouth right now too!
July 2011 AFM Life 115
So shakes her booty any chance she has, rocks out to her Hannah Montana recorded pen, and asked for all things Hannah Montana on her wish list.  So, we decided to celebrate her birthday rockstar style. 
savannah montana
My cousin Emily helped me to Photo Shop this picture.  There are definitely some limitations to celebrating a birthday on a ship in Africa.  We don’t have access to movie theaters, roller rinks, bounce houses, zoos, or amusement parks to host these events.

But, what we do have is people.  So, we pulled the people in to help us celebrate this one.

Come to lunch dressed like a rock star!
Savannah's 8th Birthday 2011-10-11 002
Here Emily is rocking in out like a star.
Savannah's 8th Birthday 2011-10-11 004
With some decorations and some announcements, you can be the real center of attention, even without a lot of stuff.
Savannah's 8th Birthday 2011-10-11 005
In the background you see Dan (though you may not recognize him), after ringing THE BELL.  The bell in the dining room is the way to get everyone’s attention – usually for a birthday or some other type of announcement (“Trivia will be starting up again this Wednesday night in the cafe- form a team of four!” “Today we will honor the 50th Anniversary of Sierra Leone by singing the national anthem,” etc.). 

While I cringe thinking about the bell being rung for me (which it was, anyway), Savannah pondered the night before her birthday, “I wonder who will ring the bell for me tomorrow…”  She’s a natural rock star in the making.
Savannah's 8th Birthday 2011-10-11 006
With some decorations and a little fun, we were all rock stars for the day!
Savannah's 8th Birthday 2011-10-11 009
I think Juan just wanted a picture with a real life Hill Billy here.
Savannah's 8th Birthday 2011-10-11 010
Back in the cabin Savannah finally got to open her package from Nana & Grandpa.
Savannah's 8th Birthday 2011-10-11 012
Oh the excitement of new clothes, swimsuit and treats!
Savannah's 8th Birthday 2011-10-11 015
Fruit by the Foot!
Savannah's 8th Birthday 2011-10-11 020
What Rock Star doesn’t need a Justin Bieber shirt?  There’s not really Bieber Fever here, but we have heard his songs on the radio – even at the beach.  It’s a surreal moment when you are experience something like that.

Just yesterday a returning crew member arrived with a couple of packages from home for us, including an amazing care package from a friend with lots of party décor and accessories for Savannah’s friend birthday party which we’ll have in a couple of weeks.  I’m sure another blog will be headed your way to give you a glimpse into that craziness!

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