Friday, November 4, 2011

While They Wait....

What is the Hope Center? 
The Hope Center is our off-the-ward housing for patients, pre and post-operation.  Often our patients come from many hours away and aren't able to arrive the morning of the admission due to transportation scheduling.

So, they come early.  Other times a patient isn't critical enough to be on the ward any more, but they have follow up appointments including dressing changes, x-rays, physical therapy and more.  For those that live far away, it does not make sense to send them on their way home in between these visits.  So, they stay.

While they wait they often feel well, and are looking for something to do.  

This year it has been a blessing to have the Hope Center literally right up the street.  As you exit the port, it is the first building on "Bad Boy Lane" (ominous, I know) aka Savage Square.  
2011-11-02 017
As often as we can, we try to go up to the Hope Center to spend some time with the patients and their family members.  If anyone comes onboard for surgery under the age of 18, they must have a caregiver with them.
2011-11-02 018
This past week we went to the Hope Center during "family night" as a great way for our girls to connect with what is happening, outside of school.
2011-11-02 019
We held some kiddos, gave some hugs, and played some soccer.
2011-11-02 020
Here are the girls with cousin Emily and Aminata, Sorie, Joseph, and Al Hasan
2011-11-02 021

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