Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Nursing Team

Have you ever wondered what sort of nurses come to Mercy Ships to volunteer?
 These sort of nurses.  Young, old (I mean, mature).  From all countries in the world.  Currently we have 35 countries of the world represented on the ship, of that 14 nationalities make up our nursing team.  (US, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, South Africa and Italy). 

We have singles and marrieds - some of whom came together, like a young couple from Minnesota we've met -  others who have left their spouse to hold down the fort at home while they live here for a few weeks or even a few months. 

We have nurses from all specialities from pediatric to palliative.

 This is one crazy crew.  They rotate day, evening and night shifts. 
They try to sleep through the noise of 400 people living together,
many on the same floor as the 24/7 hospital. 
They learn to stop asking, "Have you ever had Malaria?" and now ask,
"When did you last have Malaria?" 
They see things you would never find in the US.

But mostly, they are women. 

That's right- these are the lucky guys that get to put up with all those crazy girls. 
So, all you MURSES out there (you know who you are) - there's a place here for you.... 

Do you notice the three guys in the middle with big cheesy grins?  That's because they are single...

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