Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mercy Ships Academy Gets Book Donations

This week Kylie's class was given a gift!  You see, in February of this year a pipe burst over the school's library and a section of about 300 fiction books were ruined. 

Brian Blackburn, the school's administrator, joined the other Ships Academy teachers and the principal in prayer over how these books would be replaced. 

As prayers went up, the phone started to ring.  Brian had reached out to several schools in the East Texas area earlier in the year to see if they would like to partner with Mercy Ships.  And it just so happens that as we incurred this need a school began to respond (coincidence?).  The Texas Assocation of Future Educators at John Tyler High School in Tyler, Texas were the first responders.  Their school's theme is "Shock the World."  They felt helping kids whose families are helping in Africa lined up perfectly with "shocking the world."  In a few short weeks their fundraising efforts had paid off.  Here they are presenting the books to Brian that their hardwork earned for the kids onboard.

Brian and his family came to the ship three weeks ago to do some work for the accreditation process for the school, and with him he brought some of the new donations. 

Kylie is listening so attentively as he explains how students in Texas raised the money to provide new books for them!  This is the fourth and fifth grade class.

Brian shows off some of the new collections.

 Is there really anything better than a new book?

God is good....

...all the time. 

Mercy Ships Academy has also created a Wishlist on Amazon so that others can now
donate books or other supplies for our students online. 

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  1. Thanks for posting the link to the Amazon Wishlist! I stayed up too late tonight picking out a few books for the academy. Funny thing: I should have paid better attention to the pictures. Though it was on the Wishlist, I still ordered a copy of the book most prominently displayed in the bottom picture, "Cam Jansen's Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball"! Whoops! Hope duplicates are helpful!

    Many blessings!

    Pete K.