Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Teachers Needed for Next School Year! Want to Teach in Africa?

One of the best part of Mercy Ships for us is the chance to serve together as a family - in an environment where we can focus the majority of our time and energy not just to surviving and coping with a new culture, but dedicated and purposeful to the mission at hand. 

The Academy onboard the ship is one of the reasons we are able to do so.  Over 50 students from multiple countries live onboard with their parents who serve in roles all over the ship in management, service, nursing, surgeon and technical roles. 

Each grade level has their own teacher, own classroom and amazing resources! We have a computer lab and a separate library just for academy student use.

Like the rest of the crew members, our teachers volunteer their time and pay crew fees to be a part of this mission.

Our teachers have a close-knit relationship with families, colleagues and the 350-400 crew members that live onboard. 

Our school year corresponds primarily with our field services in each nation in Africa we serve, and have vast opportunities to participate in other opportunities that Mercy Ships is involved in: be-friend-a-patient on the wards, prison, orphanage or hospital visits throughout the weeknights or weekends and a plethora of social and spiritual activities to enrich this experience.

If you are interested in having a year that "looks different," experiencing Africa while still having some comforts of home at hand, being a part of a rich, dynamic Christian community and influencing young lives, check out this opportunity!

If you are interested, please contact emily.siemens@mercyships.org

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