Monday, June 11, 2012

Small Worlds, and Shared Views on Parenting in Africa

Do you ever read something and feel like the author was reading your mind? 

This happened to me today. 

But the better part was the story that brings it all about.

A friend of ours from the ship has been serving with us since our first trip to the Mercy Ships headquarters in September of 2010.  Her name is Jessica.  She has the awesome job on the ship of helping to plump up the teeny tiny babies that need surgery (often cleft lip/palate repair) and getting them big enough to be able to sustain the anesthesia. 

Jess had a childhood friend named Rebekah who is an OR nurse and was able to come out to ship and serve alongside her childhood friend in Africa!
Rebekah (left), Jess (right)

We met Rebekah and made friends as well. 

Rebekah emailed me an article she read this past weekend, saying she thought of me when reading it. 

I can completely resonate with this article, but the funny thing about is this:  I went to high school with this author! 

Oh, Lord, you have a funny sense of humor and an amazing way of bringing things together.

So, rather than re-writing this message, I am going to say:

Desperate, Breathless, Dependent Parenting by Rachel Pieh Jones.
(ps- you have to click on the purple words to get to the article)...

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