Saturday, April 14, 2012

Et Savannah, ça va? (And how is Savannah??)

These days we spend a fair amount of time on the dock, visiting with the patients that we grew to know and love while they were on the ward.  As they have progressed in their healing, they have moved either to the Hope Center, or in some cases, back to their homes, with return trips to our dockside for their outpatients and physiotherapy appointments.


While their eyes light up when they see any of us, Savannah seems to be the biggest hit.

2012-04-07 003

Savannah and Jemima.

2012-04-07 004

Savannah and Abel and his momma.

2012-04-07 006

Savannah holding Abel.

2012-04-07 010

Savannah and Jo-Jo, Abel’s brother.

2012-04-07 007

Savannah and Lumen’s grandma.


2012-04-07 013

Savannah and Lumen…. are you seeing a trend here?

2012-04-09 (37)

2012-04-09 (21)

Even the day workers wanted a photo with Savannah.


2012-04-07 019

Jo-Jo is learning to walk so these moments of delight were especially sweet for us to share.

2012-04-07 050

And while they wait for their appointments or the shuttle vehicle we provide to bring them back and forth, we play.  We talk a little French.  We learn a little Ewe.  And we laugh.

2012-04-07 052

2012-04-07 053

2012-04-07 054

2012-04-07 055

Who is next in line of favorites?  Well, it would happen to be Dan’s parents!  They arrived last weekend and have been blown away by the sense of community exhibited by all those they have met. 

2012-04-09 (5)


2012-04-09 (32)

2012-04-09 (6)

Beau-pere was a big hit with the young and old, and they all wanted photos with him (each one commenting on how he looks just like Dan!).

2012-04-09 (4)

Lumen’s hair was in fine form for the day – straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, wouldn’t you say?

2012-04-09 (15)

2012-04-09 (23)

Ju-Ju, Lumen’s little brother was especially expressive and heureux this week (happy), so we captured him several times.



2012-04-09 (9)


As these lovely patients share their families with us, we have had the delight and privilege to share our families with them. 

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