Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's Play Football!

All work and no play?  Not here.  Living in an environment where you live where you work, it's important to take some time to get off ship, away from your workspace and do some "normal life" activities. 

This past weekend we had the opportunity to be a part of the fun.  Our crew soccer ("football" to the rest of the world) team took on the day workers in a friendly competition.  We have about 200 "day workers," those from the local region who are paid to help us do the day to day tasks on the ship we don't have the man power to do (or the bed space to have that many more crew members on board 24/7 doing that work).  This includes everything from galley, dining room, engineering, deck, hospital translators, receptionists, dock security, and more. 
The cheerleaders were present (unofficially, of course) (actually all these photos are courtesy of Deb, on the right! Thanks, Deb!!).  Here we have a French teacher, nurse, dietitian/infant feeding program director and nurse!

This beautiful sports facility was rented for the day- grass field, track surrounding it, tennis courts, bleachers, swimming pools, playground, snack bar, etc..  Amazing resource in Lomé!

The teams suited up - red is Crew, grey/black is the Day Workers.

Stretching is always important, to prevent injury. :)

This is serious business- the goalie wants you to know.

Oh yeah, and the day workers think it's hilarious that the crew is going to play "avec une fille! avec une fille!"  (with a girl!) And a Kiwi at that!!  Don't let her smile fool you- Miriam is a rugby player- she can contend with the boys all day long.

Pre-game huddle & prayer

Get your game face on, Kevin!

And we're off.  JD filled the crucial role of goalie.

And the game was an even match.  Here Edouard is representing his home nation, Cameroon.

And showing off his fancy footwork, despite a persisting knee injury.

Theo, from Ghana, isn't messing around either.

Kevin, in his home country of Togo, has more than just a game face - he means business!

But the day workers are here to prove something as well.

Coca-Cola- it's everywhere you want to be (or should they have gotten that jingle first?).

Missy & I were enjoying the bantering, action and cloudy skies and sprinkles! What a perfect afternoon!!

Come on, ref! Didn't you see that?

A little rough play results in an injury (or two)

Phew.  A near goal for the crew.  Score is still tied 0-0.

Dennis (also from Ghana) is happy for halftime and no personal injuries.  Last year we witnessed his head injury in a game against a local team in Sierra Leone. 

Coach Briggs (from Liberia) gives some pointers to his very international team.

In the second half, it was Christoph, the Austrian, who scored the only goal for the crew.

Yeay for fans!

The day workers had scored one point also, and there's no time to break the tie before the game ends.
Valiant effort, day workers!
And equally valiant effort, crew - next time we'll see who emerges on top!

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