Thursday, January 5, 2012

Photo Memories

One of the benefits of living in community is sharing in goods! We don't need our own vacuum, iron, oven, microwave, set of tools- we can share.

Another thing we share is digital photos. One day if I could find the time and some amazing math skills, I would figure out how many digital pictures are taken by crew members in a given year.  I'm so glad that the days of having to calculate how many rolls of film you should buy, and trying to judge which pictures are shutter-worthy are gone!  You younger ones, ask your parents about this!

So, today as I was looking for the pictures to be uploaded from New Years I found a folder on the Transfer Drive in our computer lab called: Cheshire Home Photos.  Nearly daily someone shares their photos from an excursion, event, or memorable moment so others can copy, burn, transfer to a jump drive, blog, tag, etc... 

In this folder I found some treasures that made my day- so I wanted to share with you.
Michelle & Hawanatu

The girls dorm with some of their laundry hanging out to dry

My god-daughter Kadie

Michelle & Jalloh

Sidikie pretending to enjoy a ride in the van abandoned on the Cheshire Property

A glimpse at the glorious African sun

Three of the five Kamara children - two of home attend school at Cheshire.  Haja, Isatu (wearing Kylie's shirt), and Foday (also wearing a Bergman hand me down) 

Here are all five of the precious Kamara children: Foday, Kadie, Haja, Isatu & Aisha

The hardest worker you'll ever meet: Hassan.  I love this photo. 

The view toward the gate of the hills of Freetown
Life after the rainy season- the sun comes out and the plants put forth their blooms once again

Another artsy take of the property

A typical afternoon - we hang out, do a story, some songs, a craft, and play games. 

Doctor Dick Quimby, our crew doctor, takes some time out of his busy schedule (and 24/7 being oncall) to visit Cheshire with us, and tenderly is helping Fatu with her painting


Dr. Quimby also did some medical interviews with some who had been complaining of their ailments.  Foday was laughing when being asked about the worms in his tummy.
Here is how Aisha would come to us - on the backs of a seven year old.

Big sister, Haja, taking care of baby Aisha

Aisha was a common feature these past few months- Haja or Kadie would bring baby sis and place her in the hands in a willing "Opoto" (white person) to hold for the remainder of the afternoon.  I was only too glad to oblige.

I think Kadie and I were working out the details of confirmation here- how much money they needed to have their white dresses made, how would they get white shoes, veils, stocks (stockings), etc... This took place the night before confirmation

Some of the t-shirts you see in Africa make me laugh.  This one actually originated in Cancun, so I had this picture taken in honor of my brother, Lucas. :)  Sas was proud to wear this shirt!

And we'd make it home just in time to watch the sun setting on our home.

Oh Freetown, how I miss you.

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