Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Port: Bird's Eye View

As I wait for pictures to come available from the Screening Day that was on Saturday (a great day that was very controlled and well-received), I thought I'd share these photos to show what exactly our surroundings are.
We are nestled among thousands of containers- almost all of them empty.  Because the cost of shipping empty outweighs the value, most of them that arrive with imports are abandoned to be unloaded and end up in this maze of a port. 

They use these giant machines (brand name TEREX - like the dinosaur) to lift and stack the containers.  (Google images photo)

Here we are, tucked away behind this wall of containers.  Lots of activity takes place near the front of this photo and further on, but in our area it is pretty quiet.

The current is very strong at port, causing a challenge for Dan and the other divers as they work to clean out the intake valves located under the boat.  But, this also keeps the port calm as there's not much chance of stowaways coming from the areas of the ship bordered by water.

So, we have our little refuge here in the harbor - a safe and secure location to be able to focus on helping the patients and seeing those beautiful lives changed and their gorgeous smiles beam even brighter.

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  1. Hello, I'm a reporter at the LA Times trying to get in touch with Dan Bergman re: his time at Mercy General in Sacramento. I'm writing about nurses getting assaulted in that ER, and had heard he was assaulted while there. Would it be possible for me to contact you? You can also e-mail me at Thanks much,
    Jessica Garrison
    Times Staff Writer
    PS: This blog is AMAZING.