Monday, February 7, 2011

Africa Bound!

Now that we're all packed up, I'm brave enough to show you what our room looks like! :) The girls each had a bunk in the back half of our room, with a doorway inbetween, 

Then the front half of the room had an office area on one side, and a full sized bed on the other. 
Here you see our eight bags to check and our four carry ons - loaded and ready to go.

Tomorrow is the big day!

October 8th, 2010 was the date we received news that they would have a family cabin available for us on the Africa Mercy.

February 8th, 2010 is the date that we leave the US and start our journey to West Africa.

(being a numbers and word fan, I love this). 

When I think of all we've done in the past four months, I stand in amazement at what God can do. 

As Loren Cunningham's Book, Making Jesus Lord, says,
(The body of Christ) is a fellowship of those who have found true liberty in Jesus Christ.
As we walk in that liberty, we will find that
He calls us to leave behind even the good things
that He has given us in order to find something greater  -
servanthood to His Great Commission
and unity with others who are different,
but love Him as we do.

We have definitely left behind some good things these past few months: family, friends, houses, vehicles, nice things, our beloved doggy, familiarity, comfort, self-reliance, good jobs and relationships, etc....

But we are blessed beyond measure at the glimpses we see of serving to make disciples of all nations, being in unity with those who are different, yet still love Him as we do.  This is a privilege.

While you might be called to go to Africa, what is the something greater that He is calling you to?

We appreciate your prayers as we travel: for connections, weather, luggage arriving, health, and all aspects of our time in Sierra Leone.  We will update as soon as we are able!

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