Monday, January 10, 2011

Photos of our Time at Gateway

We made it! Thursday night we arrived at the Mercy Ships headquarters, nestled in East Texas between Van, Garden Valley, Lindale and Tyler. Here are some pictures we took between then and now.

The girls at the entrance gate

The girls posing at the giant anchor

The end result of a group/team building exercise

Kylie hard at work with her group, trying to stack the cups with the rubber band and strings

Savannah's group was also still hard at work

Savannah getting decked out for the chocolate bar relay race (another ice breaker)

Alicia, our school director, is on the left here in the International Lounge

Going on a walk through the campus (pre-snow; pictures to follow)

with new friends Miriam (5)and Betty Lou (1)

A look at the Oasis Cafe (dining hall) and the water tower

Some sisterly love

The weather that has greeted us since Sunday!

Here we are, freezing!! Today I think the high was 19 degrees! Yikes! I thought we were packing for tropical Africa??

The rain to sleet to ice to snow did make for gorgeous scenery though.

Here's the view from out our dorm window - not too many cars in the parking lot this morning- even the schools were two hours delayed due to the weather.... more about the schools in the next post! Stay tuned!!

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