Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Girls' Perspective

While some have asked what we are going to do with the girls (yes, they are coming with us), the rest of you understand that this is a family endeavor and the girls are very much a part of this decision and the reason we are going. We have come across these writings the girls have done (on their own!) and decided that this week they can speak for themselves.
Kylie Grace - age 9 (until Friday!)

"Dear Hannah, I may move back to colorado if we don't go to mercy ships. I don't mean to make you mad but I think of you alot of the time, but I also think about other things too including a lot of my amazing, scary, wonderful, embarressing, and eciting adventures in africa. You are one of my true friends, a one who comforts me when I'm sad, you enchorage me when I'm sad, and a one who wants to play and make our friendship deeper. Missions is something that has changed my life. We are lucky that we have parents. Some of the kids in the orphanage don't. But they still are happy and brave. I hope this letter will help your feelings about Africa better.

Yors true, Kylie"

Savannah Joy - age 7

I am thankful for everything god has in mind for us when we go to africa on december 18. We are going with Mercy ships a ship that gives surgerys for the worlds forgotten poor."

We are blessed to get this glimpse into our girls' minds and see what God is stirring up inside them too. While this week is full of the bitterness of goodbyes and the beginning of transition to starting over, we are encouraged to know that God is IN THIS and He is good. We have all been changed by missions and we are excited for what God has in mind for us.

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